February 7, 2013

An Unusual Highway Rest Stop

Now highway rest stops are rarely big attractions; I usually go in, do whatever, wash my hands really well, and hop back in the car. But this place, the Sarita Rest Stop along Texas Highway 77, is kind of special. It used to be an excellent birding spot thanks to some ponds nearby but they have dried up in the extended drought that this area is experiencing. Still, it is always our first view of my favorite south Texas bird, the Green Jay. We'll have closer pictures in future posts, but this gives the general idea of the coolness of this bird:

Every time we've been there we've seen the Brewer's Blackbird:

The rest stop features wonderful palm and live oak trees and some unusual picnic shelters:

Each of the roof supports of the shelters incorporates a different Texas cattle brand:

Here is a closer look at one on the main building:

Another view of this highway oasis:

And an interesting set of signs (no, I've never seen snakes here!):

An historical marker indicates that Zachary Taylor rested under a tree here but somehow I think that particular tree has disappeared since this monument was erected in 1936 but who knows:

A few flowers cheer up the place:

But for me the main attraction here is the fun public rest room art! Yes, I think this is the only time ever that I've used that phrase! Here are some examples of the tile work inside the building:

Stay tuned for future Texas blog posts!


  1. Wonderful post! The green jay is so pretty.

  2. Did you know I grew up in Corpus Christi? I love these pictures! I'm not sure that I've stopped at this particular rest stop, but this is definitely what home looks like to me :) Now is a good time to visit South Texas. I hope you enjoy the weather and some of that delicious Tex-Mex food.

    1. How fun! Were you a crazy spring breaker on S. Padre Island? We really enjoy our visits to that part of the country and hope to get back there again later in 2013!

  3. Wow... public restroom art! :) I also enjoyed seeing a green jay. Bob and I actually lived in Texas for a number of years, and sad to say, we didn't travel or sight see that much because we were young parents then (our daughter is a native Texan!).

    Cool how the brands were worked into the structure.